Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frying Cabbage

Lately I've been frying the leftover cabbage I used for the lamb neck dish and just adding to everything I eat. It has a very lovely and nutty aroma (especially when fried in bacon fat). I'm using savoy cabbage; i'm sure other cabbages will fry just as well. Cabbage tends to be underrated, but I've always found it delicious. One of my favorite "meals" sometimes consists of just boiled cabbage, salt, pepper & olive oil. There's an attraction I've always had to seemingly peasant dishes. Some peasant, rural & rustic dishes seem like masterpieces out of necessity. I had pigeon peas & rice with pork from my Grandmother this week and it was the best meal I had all week. It's important to take inspiration from as much as possible. Whether it's something you'd like to improve or honor, understand the difference between being inspired and copying. This concludes my very distracting and tangent ridden post.

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