Thursday, February 23, 2012


A Peruvian staple, Huancaina is one of my favorite sauces. Typically served cold with potatoes, olives and a hard boiled egg it is absolutely addictive and redefines what a potato salad could be with great simplicity. The sauce is typically made with:
aji amarillo
queso fresco
evaporated milk
soda crackers

Everything is blended together to make a sauce worthy of putting atop almost anything. My variation involves toasting the soda crackers and steeping it in warm fresh milk, straining it and using that instead of evaporated milk. I also roast the garlic and add cumin and turmeric to the final blend. I'll often loosen the sauce with coconut milk before serving.

Besides laying over cold potatoes, I love tossing it with pasta or having it on the side with breakfast. Oh, and it makes for a killer eggs benedict! (replacing the Hollandaise) [By the way, I never use the word 'killer'. Here it felt appropriate]. An easy and delicious sauce that I think everyone should have in their fridge at all times.