Saturday, August 6, 2011


Though meant to translate as a miniature pandebono, "Beautiful Bread" could be a better translation. Not that my bread is all that beautiful, but pandebono in general is a beautiful thing.

pan - de - bonito

I found this in my photo archives from a couple months ago. I was toying a lot with them, so I'm not sure which flavor this was. Could be made with Campo de Montalbán cheese & fenugreek, or maybe not.


  1. Hi there I saw Tomas post a link for this blog on the infamous fbook.. Met you once in Tallahassee, Ice cream, video games.
    Listen, this blog is dripping; It's got some very interesting ideas forsure. I've been making far less interesting food, but my bread is pretty real. I've made a billion but my favorite combination so far is pecans and curry (personal spice blend). It's a living thing, keep it up!


  2. great! thanks for observing and appreciating. the pecan/curry sounds great! i did something similar with pecan & fenugreek to stuff gnocchi. i'd like to get more into the pastry aspect of everything, slowly but surely. good to meet you.