Friday, July 29, 2011

Merguezish Crépinette of Lamb Necks

stuffed with the following:
Calabaza Squash Braised Lamb Neck
Dried Apricots
Pickled Jalapeño
Toasted Squash Seeds
followed by:
A Vinaigrette of Fenugreek, Lemon & Cilantro

The lamb neck was braised in the roasted juice of a calabaza squash as well as a tea of the roasted skin and seeds plus coconut milk for about 1.5 hours simmering (unfortunately, I am missing a piece on my pressure cooker)

It was then pulled from the bone, minced and mixed with the diced dried apricot, pickled jalapeño & toasted seeds as well as chili powder, cumin and black pepper.

I reduced the leftover braising liquid with miso and rosemary and added it to the mix.

This was then all stuffed into a blanched cabbage leaf, rolled, sauteed & basted.

Eating it reminded me of something along the lines of a merguez crépinette.

There is a missing element in this dish and I intend to discover what it is very soon.

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