Sunday, November 13, 2011

Staff Meal

Pan-fried Marlin
Buttered Kohlrabi-Honeydew Mash
Sumac BBQ Pulled Pork
Kohlrabi Greens
Jalapeño Vinegar

The idea of the staff meal has always intrigued me.
The dichotomy of chefs creating high-end, well crafted and beautiful dishes every night sitting down to take a quick break enjoying homely rustic practically leftover fare.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
It may even ground a chef, digging deep into a soulful bowl of top quality ingredients almost as if your grandmother started a catering company. Bulking up to have the energy to continue service through the rest of the night.

Clearly, I don't have a staff of any kind but I utilize this same application to my everyday meals. Through experimentation, I usually yield enough for one or two dishes. There is a lot of leftover product and makes for an easily composed dinner or a more interesting breakfast.

Here I topped some marlin steaks with the leftover sumac BBQ pulled pork that i made plenty of sandwiches with, stuffed into squid bodies and used to garnish fried eggs.

The kohlrabi-honeydew mash plays off the flavors of the honeydew-pickled broccoli from previous posts and the classic application of buttered broccoli (the stems begin my favorite part, which I find kohlrabi to essentially taste like one giant broccoli stem with cabbage tendencies)

The wilted kohlrabi greens were a last minute given, enhanced with a touch of jalapeño vinegar. Ideally, I would prefer to braise the greens in a ham hock broth to compliment to the southern BBQ flavors.

Overall made for a very satisfying lunch.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sumac BBQ Pulled Pork

Dry rub of sumac, paprika, brown sugar, cinnamon, cumin, ground mustard, ginger, pepper & salt.
Oven roasted pork ribs for 200ºF for 4 hours, then dropped to 175ºF for 3 more hours.
Pulled by hand.
Pressure cooked fatty rib trimmings in ginger ale, ketchup, onion & water for 1 hour.
Reduced pressure cooked stock with garlic, thyme, jalapeño, worchestire, aji amarillo & dijon.
Folded in pulled pork.

Thanks to Harold McGee & Ideas in Food for the researched influence and tips.