Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gravlax & Black Radish

First attempt at incorporating these radishes from the previous post.
Also first attempt at incorporating gravlax. As you may or may not know,
gravlax is salmon cured in scandinavian flavors. I had made some weeks
ago. Finding it too salty, I put it in the freezer and figured i'd take it out
when I feel ready to use it. That day came, so after taking them out I
immediately introduced them to the mandoline. Right out of the freezer makes for easier slicing.
Mandolined the radish as well and let it marinate in a dressing of
olive oil, coconut vinegar, sesame oil, black pepper, balsamic, chili oil and sugar.
Garnished with cilantro. Tasted okay. The radish has an overwhelming
rooty flavor that i'd like to subdue. i added some thin-sliced granny smiths
to add sweetness. Next time: jalapeno, red apple, less dressing, fine dice of radish instead of thin slice. Maybe fennel.

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