Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Trip To The Farmer's Market

Black Radish

These beautiful, charcoal-hued roots look like they're still in the ground. But they taste wonderful. Spicier and meatier than your average red radish. It's like biting into a piece of jicama that has been marinating in horseradish all night. It actually gives off the same tongue-numbing effect that sichuan peppercorns have. Sprouts a whole new garden of ideas. Substituting traditional sichuan flavors with black radish. Maybe cleaner tasting versions of sichuan dishes. Although I haven't much desire to toy with such a perfect cuisine. Well, here are some off-the-top ideas anyway.

spicy lamb's tongue salad with black radish, fennel, chili oil, tomato, cilantro
salmon ceviche with black radish, anise oil, kalamata, yuzu, nori
dehydrated black radish chips------>fish & chips
black radish raita
black radish on oysters with apple
black radish cream.^
served with roast beef
rice with shrimp paste, coconut, black radish, coconut milk, pistachio

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