Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fat Crabs, Lean Lambs & Jean-Claude Canned Ham Part 1

So, I'm in NYC again. We've got Howard, Humberto & Hann with Humberto's 15 year old stepsister, Laura. Enjoying a brisk walk (very brisk!). Excited for the culinary adventures ahead, we casually walk through Madison Square park. Feeding Laura's desire for a real city street cart hot dog, Humberto kindly assists her...well, no...coldly points in the direction of a hot dog cart and as he puts his arm down something beautiful comes into focus. A large spitfire with a whole, semi-gutted lamb that would make Shari Lewis rotate in her grave in sync with our little friend. Basted beautifully in a greek blend of yogurt, cumin & coriander it stood out amongst the culturally confusing crepe stand and campy "Viking" cuisine. With every rotation, we got a good view of the melting innards that just screamed to be consumed! Humberto politely asks Steve the Greek (one of the chefs) the cost of having some innards on toast. Liking our style, I saw the excitement in everyone's eyes. But the real excitement was in the lamb's eyes. Which were gracefully shucked  out of the head and handed to us to pop back as sort of an innards inititation. The head chef of Fatty Crab (who hosted this food stand along with sister restaurant Cabrito) gladly took a cleaver to split the head in two. Chef Dave (of Cabrito) gladly tweeted our readiness to chow down on cabrito's cabesa. Meanwhile, Steve revealed a separate container of reserved offal that was not in the fire. Heart, Liver, Testicles? maybe. Thinly sliced and sandwiched in a baguette with cilantro, tomato's and more of the yogurt sauce sort of represented a Banh Mi at first glance. Like dandy savages we took to that head and scarfed down the sandwiches. People walked by in disgust and interest, but if they knew what went into a hot dog, they may think twice. However, we were not through with our friend. So after thanking the rock star chefs of Fatty Crab & Cabrito we wrapped it in aluminum foil and took it around town. All I have to say is that we ended up at Grand Sichuan restaurant ordering a hot pot and having the lamb's head at our side, you might be able to piece together the temptation at hand. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this entry to see what we did with the lamb's head later that night.

Part 3 will involve us making a stock out of the head and a meal to follow.

Lamb's Head Pumpkin Soup with Preserved Eggs and Chive Flower.

Very Halloween. But  even if you have a hollow ween, grow some balls and eat some too.

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