Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Before I Forget

Malta for braising
Powdered Parmalat
Cocktails as dishes
Yogurt from scratch
Angostura bitters broth
Short Rib Nihari
Truffled Truffles
Malta for sauces
-braised spinach


  1. i tried yogurt from scratch when my aunt chastised me for buyng it at the store. i can give you her recipe if youd like

  2. oh yeah,ps- before i forget, i'm growing a bunch of herbs that i dont know how to use & i've been meaning to ask your advice. some of them are: savory, marjoram, lemon basil, oregano, regular basil, cilantro, garlic chive... maybe some more i cant remember.

  3. exciting! marjoram has confused me as well, but i think it works in any italian or tomato-based sauce. garlic chive you might be able to saute by it self with some rice and maybe soy sauce. cilantro is just the best herb in the world. great on anything in my opinion. (substitute parsley always, except in tabouleh).
    and YES i will take that yogurt recipe!