Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trailer Treasure

Lately, NW 17th Ave. has become my latest highway. I've almost got it memorized and will soon be able to determine intersections solely by their surrounding businesses. But there is something keeping me on my toes. Preventing that drive down south from monotony.
Taco Trucks.
Sounds simple enough. A half-size trailer pumping out quick, flavorful meat slathered on soft, floured vessels like a one-man or one-woman factory. Keep in mind that this is fairly new to Miami. There's always been a struggle for authentic, let alone, delicious Mexican fare. These trucks are little pods of light and hope down the narrow tunnel that is: Mexican food in Miami.

I remember one taco truck, specifically caught the mouths of many and was even awarded best Mexican by the Miami New Times. It used to be parked at Douglas Park on weekends and occasional weekdays. It's very confusing, actually. The truck proprietors decide at random when to show up. I suppose that's part of the adventure, hunting them down. But now there's a truck on 28th and another on 19th, both on 17th ave. Plus, there's also new restaurants sowing their seed and almost getting overwhelming. This is a fairly recent boost. I have yet to try 90% of these establishments, but am ready, willing & able.

One taco truck was mediocre, didnt have much variety and I think was actually owned by a Dominican family. (I wish they were serving Dominican food).

Why don't more people jump on this bandwagon and open a wagon of their own? The cultural variety thriving in this Magic City should expand to more than hot dogs and tacos. At least in the late night, portable sense.

If this continues, I'm going to base every move I make on where the trucks are setup. So I can just go downstairs and gnaw on some tender, spicy pig organs nestled between crisp radish, bright cilantro and raw onion.

Dreams soon to become reality!

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