Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NYC Feasting

It's been a while.
I was caught with a nasty virus (ironically might've been food related) for about a week.
Then I took a lovely trip to New York City to play a few shows and gorge in the boroughs.
My stomach was playing double dutch with my tongue on every corner of every street and I don't think I ever repeated a meal or dish. (Although I ate a lot of stomach and smoked fish)
Here's a list of dishes had during my plump and lush visit to the Big Apple. (however, I never bit off more than I could chew)

Cold Sichuan Ox Tongue & Heart
Asam Laksa
Briased Goose Web & Sea Cucumber
Crispy Squid Tentacle
Fruit Salad with Squid & Shrimp Paste
Malaysian Curried Pancake
Duck Web Salad
Lychee Martini
Salt & Pepper Sardine (?)(whole tiny fish) [Dim Sum]
Shrimp Dumpling [Dim Sum]
Crispy Taro Dumpling [Dim Sum]
Scallop Dumpling [Dim Sum]
Braised Chicken Feet [Dim Sum]
Mees Rames (sp?)
Gado Gado salad

Flushing & Jackson Heights
Curry Fishball on a stick
Peking Duck Pancake
Sichuan rare beef soup
Yaks Butter & Salt Tea
Tibetan Spicy Tripe
Mango Lassi
Lotus & Preserved Egg Dumpling
Winter Melon Pastry

Cold Smoked Butterfish
Cold Smoked Turbot
Cold Smoked Salmon
Beet Salad
Beet Casserole
Carrot Salad
Pickled Tomato
Caviar (Sturgeon)
Pickled Apple
Raw Clams (Coney Island)
Plum Cordials
Pickled Garlic
Corn Dog (Coney Island: delicious!)
Half Sour & Sour Pickles
Russian Raisin Malta
Black Currant Soda

Smoked Beer
Spicy Bloody Mary
Goat in Okra Sauce
Goat in Eggplant Sauce
Ivory Coast BBQ whole fish w/ various condiments
Cecina Tacos
Chicken Mole Tamale
Duck Hash
Zucchini Flower Pupusas (Loroco y Queso)

Fig-infused Vodka
Dirty Martini

Veal Tongue in Horseradish Sauce
Cold Red Borscht
Various Cabbage slaws (Cole Slaw/Sauerkraut/Red Cabbage)


  1. Don't forget that
    sham of a goat sammy
    touted by that
    Bourdained minister
    of sinister innard textures
    and the brooklynese lecture

    actually the weakest treat
    of any flushing mall stall --
    rivaling those
    wimpy kimchee dumplings
    we fumbled with --
    Sichuan did you prefer?

    Keep chronicling like a king
    and Ali-mentandonos
    between ponies of invented
    Ali say:
    "Eat like a butterfly eating a bee"
    and bring me
    who is okay with bouquets
    of squid for lunch

    Your peer gourmond and steward
    of the Connoisewer's manhole --
    my new handle --
    Herr Humbert

  2. our vice, present tense
    decisions in an offal office
    "other" menu offered only as
    a secret service serving:
    Braised Memories
    Emotional Dumplings
    and Fruit Salad,
    dressed with question
    halfway digested
    suggests a semi-colon

    a brightened beach
    beside a briny sea
    we left our Queen
    and Him, a lame man,
    our King
    for an Odessan counter culture
    with affable sampling.
    Red Dad's Don micsz

    gastronaut landed
    buried in the Boroughs
    i'm flying off my handle--