Monday, August 24, 2009

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Sort of an impossible subject title to follow. Many will argue on what the perfect cup of coffee is. When I say many, I mean people, ethnicities, races, subcultures, sexes, traditions, cultures, ways of life. The world takes their coffee very seriously and some with cream & sugar. So who's to say which coffee is the best? Is it Cuba's potent thimbles of viscous espresso? Ethiopia's meticulously spiced brew & blend revealing a lesson of history with every sip? Vietnam's unique and smart combination of condensed milk and French roast? Or maybe it's a ventidoubleshotskinnymochasugarfreevanillamacchiatolatte with 1/2 soy, 1/2 skim, couple of ice cubes, extra whipped cream, low fat margarine, fortified pomegranate-acai energy wheatgrass shot of...

You know, most American's prefer the water based drip sipped from the styrofoam at your local mechanic's waiting room. I guess you can get used to anything (like Sweet 'n' Low).

I'm wondering....I'm wondering if it is possible to make that perfect cup of coffee. Considering that coffee is deeply rooted in tradition. Tradition usually comes with a side of pride. Pride can be paired with hard-headedness. Probably not.

I'm actually kind of new to coffee. Was never much into it. But after seeing all these different takes and the endless possibilities yet to be explored, it got my tail wagging.

What if I spiced a cuban roast with cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, blended it with condensed milk and served it over ice?

Savory applications have always interested me as well. (Ground coffee beans make a great crust on beef)

You know some Ethiopians like their coffee with salt?

It's time to move out of Maxwell's house, get a chock full o' sense and expand your coffee palette. If you find the perfect cup of coffee, please bring me some (I usually wake up around 10)

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