Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who Knew?

Who knew I would ever be doing a double take in the canned seafood aisle?

Who knew that a Spanish delicacy starting at $165 per lb. would be available at Publix in Miami Shores for $3.99 per 4 oz.?

Suspicion arises, and the orange hued piece of garlic(?) garish and proud peeking through the "gulas" in the picture does not help. What is that?! Maybe it's another piece of eel? If they don't have aesthetic quality control, does it carry over to their control over other qualities?

Okay, by this time I've been staring for way too long and the Publix employee is politely and silently trying to tell me to get out of his way. I can think and walk at the same time. So as I ponder blindly through aisles 4-11 I realize that I have to buy these, because they might be seasonal and would hate myself for passing up such an opportunity.

So as soon as I get home I empty out every condiment, fruit and vegetable in my fridge and display them across the table like an arsenal to attack my Iberian serpeintitas. I go at it with mustard, horseradish, onions, strawberries and lemon. They all work in their own way (although the mustard and strawberry together fought a losing battle)

After downing that can, I've so far purchased a can with every trip to the grocery. Now I'm going to attempt sauteeing it. Garlic,
chilis and cilantro should do just fine. Start simple, then experiment further with every purchase. That's my plan! They are naturally sweet and should play nicely with others.

You will be hearing more from me on this subject.

Is it worthy of a Gourmet Recession title? I'll think about it, but it makes one hell of an impressive appetizer! For Sure!

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