Saturday, August 1, 2009

Longans Run

Finally had some of these. Expecting something of the lychee variety, but to my surprise it resembled a miniature cantaloupe. My brain is awake. Paired with salmon sashimi or ikura. Maybe with a nice shave of quality ham and a dash of olive oil...some herb...basil. Sous vide pork loin might do justice. Of course a sorbet or ice cream is great because the fruit itself is not too sweet. It'll bring a beautiful, neutral component to dessert. There's a great joy to eating one by itself. Cracking it open between your palm and the counter and peeling off the prehistoric-like brittle skin to reveal another wonder of the world that most fruit represents in it's natural ability to look and taste beautiful. I'm guessing you can purchase these at most Asian markets. I was fortunate enough to know someone with a tree. Try it anyway you can.

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