Tuesday, July 14, 2009




  1. Lets try that mofongo one more time... Texture is more of mash rather than a pomme puree. This is sort of in between. Its about textures combined, you can't enjoy the crispness of the pork if the surrounding has too much contrast.

    Also, I would have just gone with pork instead of salmon. Makes no sense, does it? What's the fish doing there?

    Nicely done salmon though.

  2. why put pork on top of more pork? i mean...sometimes that is called for. but this was a last minute meal and i love the fattiness of pork in the mofongo to compliment the fattiness of salmon, two different fats, at that. and you can enjoy the crispness of salmon skin that i left on the fish and it is oh so delicious. think about puerto rico. they make seafood mofongo's all the time, which can be a lot coarser than what i have here. Plus this is not a traditional mofongo. I've been toying with the idea of a dessert mofongo, but here i used maduros (sweet plantains) and i threw some coffee in there too. plus... i love the combo of salmon and maduros.