Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Four Course Snack

Next time you're in a gas station, even if you're using a credit card, please pay inside.
At least every once in a while.
Because you will stumble across some new invention of a snack or drink or horny goat weed that'll make you scratch your head and your throat, and contemplate contributing a few dollars of your gas money towards a bag of chips.

The brand: TGI Fridays
The flavor: Rice & Beans (lightly salted or chipotle)

Okay. First of all, the extent of snack manufacturer's reach has crossed a new threshold and this is just the beginning. The science of trying to condense a complete dish of multiple components into one chip flavor is becoming parallel to the ultra fine dining morals of molecular gastronomy. The difference is in presentation, price, quality and perception. I bet if you dropped two of these chips on a large white plate with some raw fish and a dollop of anything you can charge $16+ for it and fool most of the world.

Basically, these don't taste bad at all. Part of me cringes at this idea, but they do impart distinct flavor with a creeping spice and that floury texture that you get from making fresh tortilla chips.

This sparks all kinds of ideas also. Making entire dishes out of various packaged snacks.
Imagine if you ate these Rice & Bean chips with some pork rinds and Funyuns. Would it conjure up your finest Cuban culinary fantasy? Lechon Asado with Onions and Moros.

Make that trip to Walgreens more worthwhile.

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