Monday, May 4, 2009

Pig's Feet

I am very excited about these. Whether going traditional or experimental, i think there's a lot to be done with these hooves. I think i'll stay away from pickling them in red liquid and leaving them at the gas station with a pair of dusty, plastic tongs.

Carpaccio with Cucumbers, Onions, Serrano Chiles & Lime Juice
Stewed with Curried Lentils/Split Peas, Rye Naan, Tomato Chutney, Red Onion
w/ Various Condiments: Nuoc Cham, Shrimp Paste Sambal, Ginger Sauce, etc.
Deep Fried with Lime & Beer Soup
Julienned w/ Razor Clams, Vanilla, Black pepper, Ginger, Coconut
Szechuan Dim Sum style Spicy Sauce
Salt-Dried with Scallions and Shrimp


  1. I really like the picture (sorry, know that's beside the point).

  2. no way. i liked the picture too. i'm going to need your help though.

  3. this is not edward. he's just logged in