Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fayettenams & The Whiskey Infusion

About fourish years ago, i was on tour; playing music with friends of mine. Now keep in mind, living in a van (or Aerostar) for almost month will force you to be resourceful whether you like it or not, and you WILL like it. In fact, i still catch myself at home eating fish out of cans and saltines with mustard and pissing outside. These ideals plus a bottle of whiskey (usually plastic) always in the van is where the real fun begins.

So right alongside every bottle of whiskey is a bottle of hot sauce, and seeing as though the only way to deal with pain is to add more (according to the surreality that is "tour") the only logical thing to do is to chase hot sauce with whiskey or vice versa.

Thus: The Fayettenam

It doesn't matter what order you chase what with. Either way it's a strange satisfaction where the firewater puts out the fire. They sort of cancel each other out leaving you with a tomato-y after taste. GIVE IT A SHOT!

And on this note, whiskey needs to be experimented with more. Don't put liquor on a pedestal all the time, let it be human, let it feel comfortable with it's culinary brethren. Anytime i have a glass of whiskey handy i peruse the pantries and the gardens seeking infusions.

Here's a few ideas: Just rip a few pieces of these and drop them in your glass of whiskey (which you should be taking your time drinking) and notice the flavors evolve and grow stronger.

Szechuan Peppercorn
Coriander Seed

So on and so forth. Then nibble on the herb or spice at the bottom of the cup and you'll see how good whiskey soaked basil really is.


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