Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr. Breakfast + Club Snacks

So i ran into this interesting site today.
It's called Mr. Breakfast and it's got homemade cereal recipes, breakfast restaurants with reviews, and (my favorite thing) Product Reviews, in which new cereals are reviewed by the postmaster and i'm a sucker for new products, especially consumer favorites like cereal, chips, soda. Because they get so ridiculous after a certain point, there are many failed cereals as well as temporary releases for movies and such. Burger King has "Flame-Broiled" flavored chips which technically should taste like charcoal, but i put this to the test myself and whilst driving by a Burger King with the windows down and eating these chips, i got it. It basically tastes like that manufactured smell that wafts around most fast food chains (McDonalds & Burger King distinctly have their own). Now Pringles has new chip flavors called "Restaurant Cravers" with flavors like "Onion Blossom" and Doritos have released "Late Night" or "Last Call" or some shit like that, where the flavors are based on those after da club snacks that are so heavily desired post-binging and hitting on your favorite girl every weekend.


Basically: snack companies have to resort to being hipster weirdos to come up with something new.

So i was thinking. Actually eating. A parfait. Peaches & Raspberries with Granola and Yogurt.
Why can't they make a cereal out of this old fashioned idea.

-Most cereals are already adding "yogurt bites" [usually pink and coinciding with breast cancer funding] to appeal to women and wanna-be health-nuts.

-Freeze-dried fruit has also made it's way to cereals now, for those too lazy to cut up their own fruit.

-Plus, granola is a huge component for most cereals, especially lately.

put all these ideas together and you've got "Parfait Crunch" and the flavor combos are endless.

just an idea. i thought about making my own cereal anyways. we'll see through further developments, stay tuned!

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