Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Addition

Most new and creative ideas from chefs used to call for a certain level of secrecy. Earmarking jots and doodles that you wrote with your hand cupped over your notebook dreading peers from your peers. Luckily, especially nowadays, the new chef is not as secretive as their predecessors. With aid of the web, a plethora of information is being deployed daily to the masses, or to those who seek it. With such sites as eGullet or the Alinea mosaic, the new El Bulli foundation, even YouTube, Ideas in Food, Cooking Issues and various other blogs, tweets, videos and responses expose new ideas and ways of thinking about food bringing more people to the same level and deleting a certain level of elitism.

Intrigued by their stream-of-conciousness layout and feeling the need to share as much information as I can through my research or what I stumble upon, I've decided to create a tumblr account to organize great findings and sources of inspiration.

Go there. Hopefully there is something to learn or be inspired by.

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