Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Breakfast Curry

Breakfast Curry Powder

cara cara orange peel
star anise

Curry is so versatile. Even though it is often a one pot dish, the complexity of a good curry is unparalleled. I'm constantly trying to define what makes a good curry and refine my own in the process. In doing so I've tried a lot of different combinations of spices and ingredients; considering the seasons, current mood or how I want to highlight a main ingredient.

One result that I am happy with is my breakfast curry blend. I began by considering what spices lend itself best to the morning and what pairs well with most (Western) breakfast options. Not an attempt at "fusion", but an example of what curry is capable of and using it as a subtle addition rather than an assertive overtone of flavor.

I've since kept it on the countertop and have been finding ways to creep it into breakfast each morning.




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