Monday, December 16, 2013

Green Plate Special

I don't own any blue plates, but this is special nonetheless. A complete lunch or a very satisfying dinner. Meat, starch and greens: just as our mothers intended. Where's my glass of milk?

Chicken breast (skin-on) was marinated in sake lees (kasu) for three days and then fried in salmon fat (from the belly).

Potatoes were peeled, boiled and mashed with butter, coffee, dashi, skim milk, salt & black pepper. Then mixed with green onions. The potato skins were reserved for the topping described below.

The topping for the potatoes was made from fried potato skins, toasted hazelnuts and salt ground to a coarse powder. (I used a mortar & pestle to keep it coarse. It's best to have some recognizable pieces of hazelnut throughout)

Watercress was dressed in olive oil, lemon juice and cinnamon vinegar*. Topped with black pepper.

Oh, and my glass of milk was actually a sake cocktail.

*The cinnamon vinegar was actually just the brine from my pickled beet stems. Because I used a lot of cinnamon for the brine, it tastes mostly like a cinnamon vinegar)

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