Friday, June 18, 2010


Olive-Brined Chicken Thigh
White Chocolate Potato Pureé
Burnt Onion Jus
Fava Bean
Yuzu Vinaigrette

The top photo is first attempt and assembly of dish. Knowing it needed something more, I tweaked it a bit the next night. I brined the chicken thigh's overnight, rather than for one hour. I added carrots and yuzu for acidity and snap. I added horseradish and parmesan to the white chocolate potato pureé and Angostura bitters to the burnt onion jus. Thus, the bottom photo.

It's still missing something. As tempted as I am to add fruit to every dish, I'm trying very hard to not throw apples on the plate. It would give it the juicier component, but it might be too sweet with the white chocolate. I thought of pecans because the chicken brine was a mixture of natural olive brine and fenugreek that i steeped in a simple brine (water/salt/sugar). I always find fenugreek and pecans to have a natural maple flavor to them and feel they should be paired for that reason.

I will say my favorite combination on the plate is the fava beans and wh. choc. potato pureé. I could eat that by itself for lunch.

It needs another sauce. Maybe a carrot pudding/yogurt infused with the yuzu.
Maybe a crumble of sorts. More crunch. More acid. More wetness.

Any suggestions?


  1. i dunno jart, it looks so good i almost wanna eat meat

  2. make a sexy apple sauce and plate the chicken over it!

  3. dana, potential vegetarian conversion is one of the best complements I could get.

    raquel, i see. maybe a cider sauce. or somehow a miniature candy coated apple. but not candy. red pepper coated...